Thursday, October 25, 2007

Come Hell or High Water

It is day five of firestorm. The phrase "hot as hell" has taken on new meaning, as 90 degree weather couples with an actual wall of fire on the hills four and a half miles away. The lighting is orange and apocalyptic, the air is thick and dirty, and my black car has collected a nice coating of ash. Schools are closed and our postman wore a mask today since the air quality is bad enough that a few minutes outside makes your lungs burn.

Meanwhile, life in Orange County goes on as (almost) normal. The self-destructive high schoolers who live up the hill looked like an emphysema public service announcement as they sat outside in the smoke today- and smoked. And we, the Davis', decided to become the kind of people who dress their animals up for Halloween. It is a slippery slope, but we have decided to brave it, opting for a nautical theme. Abigail will be a sailor girl, and Inky will be a lobster.

Outside (day 1):


Monday, October 15, 2007

Old People Orchestra

Tonight I went to my first rehearsal for the Laguna Woods Village Symphony, an orchestra made up of senior citizens and yours truly. We meet at Clubhouse 3 in Laguna Woods, a massive community for active seniors. My cello teacher recommended that I join, probably because I live like a retired person.

I was pretty nervous to show up, and even more nervous when I had to show up 15 minutes late after the conductor gave me directions that left out an entire street. A friendly percussionist with a bowl cut welcomed me when I walked in, and the conductor introduced me to the sea of white hair. I took my seat in the back row and appraised my social situation. It looks like each instrument stays with its kind, so I am working on befriending the cellists. I think I am going to be pretty tight with Helga and Marvin, and I have picked out my new crush. There was a clarinetist making eyes at me, but I think I am going to choose the cellist who sits right in front of me. He's a spry 72, and I think he's into me too. (It didn't hurt that I had my new sweater vest on.)

Mark your calendars- we have our first concert on November 30.