Monday, October 15, 2007

Old People Orchestra

Tonight I went to my first rehearsal for the Laguna Woods Village Symphony, an orchestra made up of senior citizens and yours truly. We meet at Clubhouse 3 in Laguna Woods, a massive community for active seniors. My cello teacher recommended that I join, probably because I live like a retired person.

I was pretty nervous to show up, and even more nervous when I had to show up 15 minutes late after the conductor gave me directions that left out an entire street. A friendly percussionist with a bowl cut welcomed me when I walked in, and the conductor introduced me to the sea of white hair. I took my seat in the back row and appraised my social situation. It looks like each instrument stays with its kind, so I am working on befriending the cellists. I think I am going to be pretty tight with Helga and Marvin, and I have picked out my new crush. There was a clarinetist making eyes at me, but I think I am going to choose the cellist who sits right in front of me. He's a spry 72, and I think he's into me too. (It didn't hurt that I had my new sweater vest on.)

Mark your calendars- we have our first concert on November 30.


Anonymous Nervous about posting on a blog . . . said...

This posting is a gleefully characteristic of a blog that's more than a blog--really a sort of reality TV show mashed into words and stuffed into cyberspace, with some fewer tears--that refreshes one's outlook on life and restores one's faith in humanity.

It also works well on tough stains and slightly painful but very itchy rashes.

The disability accommodations for the word verification provides endless fun as well.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Mad Guru said...

You rock. Not in a "You and a bunch of senior citizen cellists playing Kashmir a la Haimovitz" kind of rock but a "You are tremendously interesting and fascinating and I check your blog daily even though you post twice a month" rock.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous knollwood 9 to 5er said...

were you wearing a shawl? i know where you can borrow one from for next rehearsal.
ps. i hear marvin hangs out at knollwood during happy hour.

3:10 PM  

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