Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not Your Average Tuesday

Since I am not currently employed, I will admit that I sometimes wake up in the double digits. It's not often, but often enough for me to be defensive about it. So yes, it happens a lot. Not that it's any of your business. This morning I awoke at six with a headache. Since I have been battling a head cold and suspected the headache may be due to sinus pressure, I tried to alleviate the discomfort by getting back into bed with a heating pad and a cold compress. After half an hour, my headache was worse and I felt nauseous. I gave up on my useless drug-free methods and returned to my tried and true: two Excedrin Migraine. I hesitate to take my trusty pills because of the substantial dose of caffeine they put into my system. I like caffeine but am not used to large amounts of it, and I am always curious to see how I will react.

I took the pills at six thirty. By nine thirty, I had responded to all emails in my inbox, talked to my dad in China, fed the dogs and the cats, played with the dogs, taken 1.5* walks, faxed some notes to a pianist, and vacuumed, dusted, and mopped the entire downstairs. At that point, I predicted a one o'clock meltdown, when I would pick a fight with my mom and then take a nap. I actually picked the fight around eleven fifteen, apologized around two, and got back in bed at three thirty.

*The first walk was cut short when, after four minutes of walking, I had to walk back to my front yard, throw up, and then start the walk over again. I suppose I could have thrown up in my neighbor's front yard, but Art the elderly pet-sitter was driving by and we just recently struck up a relationship. I thought it was a bit early in the relationship for that much reality.


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