Wednesday, December 14, 2005

You've Been Telling Me You Were A Genius Since You Were 17

This is my brother and his good friend, Dana. My brother is, officially, the cat's pajamas. Maybe I should not say that anymore, since our cat was recently eaten by a coyote. One day soon I will write a blog tribute to Libby, the greatest cat that ever lived.

Yesterday, I had to make two cold calls. I was nervous about this for a few reasons: 1)I do not like talking on the phone*, and 2) I have also been told that I am not very good at it. Writing is my favorite means of communication. Writing and hugging. Writing, hugging and singing. Writing, hugging, singing, dancing and pretty much anything that does not involve a telephone, unless I am texting.

* I like talking to my mom on the phone, unless I can tell that she is watching TV.


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