Monday, December 05, 2005

Bagel Monday, My Loyal Friend

You know what I like? When I am not hungry at all and thinking, "I am not hungry at all," and then I get busy and my appetite sneaks up on me and suddenly my stomach growls and I think, "I am hungry now even though last time I checked I was full!" That just happened.

I visited my friend, Adam, this weekend in Princeton. It was a welcome respite from the city. I got back just in time on Saturday night to watch UCLA get absolutely destroyed by USC. Since the collective UCLA ego has been crushed, I think that I will take this time to mention some things very good things about my beloved alma mater, UCLA:

1) The high number of possible locations for a nap: If the weather is good (and we are talking about LA), you can nap outdoors one on of the many nicely-kept lawns. If temperatures dip down into the sixties, you can sleep inside Powell Library on a couch, chair or desk. I usually did not do either because I think any good nap lasts over two and a half hours, and I felt weird waking up in the library or on the lawn when it was dark outside. However, other people napped there.

2) The possibility to run into people you know or not run into people you know, depending on which you wanted: Most of the time, I walked up Bruin Walk to get to class. However, if I had just stayed up all night writing a paper and was wearing a baseball cap, my brother's basketball shorts and my sweatshirt with the lynx on it, I could take a back route and avoid all contact. I have attached a picture of a lynx sweatshirt. Mine is cooler because it is black and the lynx is painted on and the eyes are emerald green, but you get the general idea.

3) The health services: I had a number of embarrassing procedures done at the ASHE Health Center, and I did not feel embarrassed about any of them. The doctors were all very good at keeping me in conversation. The only embarrassing thing was waiting for the doctor (and usually the med student who was tagging along that day) and wearing only a paper vest (that opened in the front) and a paper sheet. I don't know what happened to the old days of the hospital gown. At least with that thing everything was covered, assuming you stayed seated.

I think that is enough about UCLA. I feel much better.


Blogger SharmandHammer said...

4) Girls with UGG boots with furry edges tucked into their jeans.
5) The YRL library security system which beeps no matter if I have checked out a library book or not.
6) The fact that sushi, potato salad, bagels, coffee, scones, and ice cream sundaes are all sold at the same counter.

1:40 PM  
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