Wednesday, November 02, 2005

If I Go to a Pageant, I Expect to See Some Pretty Ladies

I apologize for not posting for the last few days. I actually died of boredom. I had always heard the expression and thought that people just used it for emphasis. Nope, it happens. One evening last week, I was sitting at my desk making edits to an itinerary in Excel, and next thing I knew, I had dropped dead. The doctor said that something occurs chemically when you simultaneously experience boredom and stress for prolonged periods of time- in my case, a year. He was speaking in Russian, but if I translated correctly, the problem comes from the adrenaline emission causing shock to the neuronal shutdown that is in process. His prescription for the problem loosely translated to "get the hell out of your job." I will probably go to a specialist before I make any decisions.

In other news, on the walls of my cubicle I have posted the emails in which people have misspelled my name. So far, I have been called:

Lei, and my personal favorite,

I can understand mistyping my name. God knows I do it daily. But Lee? Have I ever given myself any nickname of the sort? Don't I ALWAYS sign my name Leighton, followed by my email signature in green font, which says Leighton Davis?

You people.


Blogger fabulous babe said...

you can call her Lee...or Leithon...or whatever.

without your posts for me to comment on, i would succomb to the painful "death by boredom" pandemic of which you speak. i hear it is transmitted through migrating disgruntled worker bees that shuffle through and settle in various offices globally. i heard about it in the news.

to combat this problem, i check here daily just to see if there is something i can comment on - i call it prevention; others call it distraction. whatevs. in any case, my obsession means that i either need to a) get a life, b) get a new job, c) expand my horizons or d) be more clever on my own. (maybe you should consider a restraining order.) in the spirit of collaboration, however, i choose to base my creative expression and find my voice through the work of others. thanks for being there for me! (again, seek legal counsel)

in terms of your misspelled name problem, enjoy that people give you a whole new identity - it means you have an alias to work under and no one ever need to know that THE leighton davis logged hours at a day job.

keep on truckin',

10:10 AM  

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