Thursday, November 17, 2005

Oh I, I Wonder What It's All About

This morning I had a meeting with the five other women on my account, and we were discussing things that we need from the client, Irene. My boss asked me if there was anything I needed from the client, and I said, "Yes, some affirmation."

And then the room became silent, and time stopped. A slight breeze blew, and somewhere, an old woman died.

My boss finally broke the silence and said, "We need Irene to reach out to Suzanne for us regarding the GCT materials." The woman next to me began breathing again.

Today I took myself out to lunch, even though I had a lot of projects waiting for me. Rebel? Well yes, I guess I am. I brought two magazines and enjoyed reading them, but I just kept smiling because I was so happy to 1) be out of the office for an hour and 2) be eating lunch by/with myself.

By the way, special thanks to my dad. We did have dinner last night, and he was able to provide answers to my life questions as well as just make me feel relaxed and happier in general.


Blogger dj kTrizzle gMizzle said...

I'm reading (now typing) this @ 10:31am. I just got settled at my desk (work)...and have I answered any outlook emails? no. BUT, I read this and I have laughed. I have started today's work day with a laugh. And I think thats worth putting everything off for. (Can you please update you blog EVERYDAY?!?! )

7:44 AM  

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