Sunday, April 23, 2006

Super Sunday Double Post

I recently returned from California, where I went for a quick three and a half day business trip. I received a phone call last Sunday from my unidentified mother, who we will henceforth refer to as "Mom," requesting my help for a few days with the "family business." While I may one day be able to reveal what the "family business" is, it is currently a "family secret," so let's leave it at I went home to "take direction" and "do business things." It may have had to do with "waste management" and "candy shops," but I can't really reveal that, can I.

On a sad sidenote, I am always the person on the airplane who hits their head on the overhead compartment, and it is always embarrassing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tonight I flew into CA for a weekend trip. I sat across the aisle from a man that was matching me all too well for a stranger in such close proximity for more than 5 hours.
I was in jeans, he was in jeans. I wore an olive green jacket, unzipped. He wore an olive green jacket...unzipped. I turned my overhead light on to read my book. I glance over and he, too is reading his book under his overhead light. It was an odd feeling. I was a bit scared and avoided eye contact.
Didn't get a good look, but I'd like to think he was gorgeous, yes.
-ktriz, aka: 106/lex door #1

2:38 AM  

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