Friday, March 10, 2006

To all my party people...

This afternoon I leave for my home state of California, where I will don my lynx sweatshirt and watch cable television for ten days. Please be good while I am gone.


Blogger fabulous babe said...

i have to say: you live the life. i so wish i could be there with you. not only do i miss you terribly, but the clean mountain air is more appealing right now. although, i could use some surf action in my life.

anywho, i haven't read your blog in a long while and when i got to the second zoo posting (having not seen the original one and the second coming up on the page i was on but the first one not being on that page load) i got really confused. i thought: "Man, Leighton totally started working in a zoo and did not tell me! how rude!". Then I thought: "What freaking zoo is in Santa Fe?" The rolodex of Santa Fe info clicked through my head as I tried to picture it. I could only come up with the opera house, the masonic lodge, the large community center with gym and pool and 10,000 waves as major landmarks engrained in my head. no zoo. so then I was like "Man, what the hell is Leighton talking about? and what is with this apartment she is getting? Man, we are totally out of touch with each other!" It also occurred to me that it was strange that you asked for a golf cart - until I thought: "That is so like Leighton to ask for a golf cart to cruise around the zoo in. And so like her to get such a funny respone from her boss - especially the part about having to sleep with management to ge the cart." Anyway, I was finally catching on to the hijinks and then found the original post. I was relieved. But tired.

1:52 PM  
Blogger fabulous babe said...

typo - i meant to say "not only do i miss you terribly, but the clean mountain air is MOST appealing right now."

please note the difference. i miss you more than clean air. that's saying something.

you rock!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it took me longer to read the first comment that bake a potato

9:04 PM  

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