Friday, March 03, 2006

Daytime Starbucks

I love the Starbuck's day crowd in Santa Fe. There are three cowboys here right now. Three. One is reading the newspaper and two are having a conversation. I imagine their conversation is going like this:

How's your coffee?
Good and strong, like the time my appaloosa kicked me in the ribs.
Mine too.
How are your dogeys?
My dogeys are good. They have been eating a lot of grass on the range.
Mine too.

I will learn to talk like that when I go to the dude ranch.

There are also a proportionately large number of elderly people at this Starbucks, since Santa Fe is basically one large retirement community. They all seem to know each other, and many of them are tech savvy. I appreciate the older people because I feel good about asking them to watch my stuff when I use the restroom. I hear elderly people steal batteries, but I don't carry batteries with me unless I'm roller blading around town with a large, yellow boombox on my shoulder.

I have attached a picture of my brother sitting in the city square in Bordeaux, France. He hates cliches and prejudices, so he has looked past all sterotypes and embraced the French people for who they really are, even to the point of becoming one of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

french fries are made from potatoes

5:43 PM  
Anonymous dithers said...

When, pray tell, are you going to a dude ranch, and can I come too? Pleeeaaassseeee???????

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Kirby said...

Leighton :-) I was sitting here, doing just about anything to avoid completing my import/export homework,when I remembered I saved a link to your blog in my "favorites." I'm so glad I did! Your entries made me laugh out loud and miss you :-) You changed my day Leighton Davis :-) Let's talk soon! -- Lauren

11:17 AM  

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