Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hi, my name is Ronnie and I trust in science

My brother-in-law thinks he knows a lot, and I know that I know a lot, so we have a few ongoing arguments. He says that power tools are for building and repairing things, even though I know for a fact that power tools are for accidently cutting off digits or limbs. He says that bobcats don't pose a great threat to humans, even though everyone knows that bobcats eat faces. Dogs play, owls read, and bobcats, like mountain lions, eat faces. It's as if Ronnie doesn't have fearful relatives or access to Southern California news. I mean, where is he getting his information? Experts? Common knowledge? Personal experience? Unreliable. Next he is going to say that it's possible to use a ladder without breaking your neck, or to go hiking without breaking your neck. Wise up, Ronnie. It's a dangerous world.


Blogger jon hansen said...

i think those who trust in science are called scientologists. i think i might start blogging, but maybe not. i have enjoyed reading yours. it gives me inspiration.

1:02 PM  
Blogger jon hansen said...

i thought i already posted a comment here, and i'm sure it was incredibly meaningful and witty, yet i forget what i wrote. i do remember saying that i think those who place their unflagging trust in science are called scientologists, and as a matter of fact, i received a flyer on my car the other day saying that the church of scientology is hiring. i can get you the contact info if you think ronnie is interested. i think i also said that i like your writing and that it has inspired me to revive my blog from its coma, but just like a good character in "general hospital," you never know how long it will retain consciousness.

12:18 AM  

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