Monday, September 04, 2006

Addendum: The Man Who Gave Our Computer Cancer

I came home the other night to find this. It is payback for leaving the confines. I probably won't do it again.

Once "The Man Who Gave Our Computer Cancer" was posted, additional information was uncovered. First, the man who gave our computer cancer was not paid $35/hour, but $50/hr, and he was talked down from his original price of $60/hr. We've been had, Davis family. I can just feel it. Second, we found that my brother also has a snake hole in his room. Even worse, the snake hole in his room provides a clear view into my room. So, while the man who gave our computer cancer was in my brother's room, he could watch me undress, he could watch me sleep, or worst of all, he could watch me as I prolonged the delusion that I was a good volleyball player and practiced jumps in my room.


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