Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Hazards of Mobility

My sister told me that Santa Fe is famous for its bad drivers. I suppose when you combine lots of tourists with lots of old people, you are asking for a dangerous driving situation, but I didn't quite believe her. Maybe she's a liar, who knows? Maybe Meghan isn't even her real name. Maybe Santa Fe is full of really good drivers. All I'm saying is that just because someone has proven that they are honest, it doesn't mean that they are honest. You should probably think about that. Well, yesterday I saw a man driving around who was wearing an eye patch. Anyone who has ever tried to play a sport with one eye closed knows that all depth perception is thrown off when both eyes aren't open. There was a passenger in the car, and I think that perhaps the passenger and the sight-impaired pirate could have switched places.

While on the subject of bad ideas, I watched a man yesterday who was 1) wearing blue jeans and 2) walking on the treadmill. Sir, your life does not have to be that uncomfortable. If someone would let me run this city already...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You = funny and this blog = I love it. I want to read a book that you write. That would be good.
Angie Martin

11:21 AM  

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