Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thems got ears let them hear; thems got eyes let them see

[Trumpet intro] I just tendered my resignation, as tenderly as possible. Oh wow. I quit my job.

I couldn't sleep last night. It was as if my body had a better idea of the magnitude of the situation than my mind did.

So, for those of you that I have not told yet, I quit my job because I am about to quit New York City as well. I came here with the intention of staying for a year, and as it has now been a year and three months, it is high time to go do something new. I am moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I hope to hang out, drive a truck, get a dog, stock shelves to make money, and most importantly, start collaborating on some writing with my sister. Also, I will two states away from the rest of my family instead of 11 states away. I love that Davis clan and can never stay away for long, unless they are all being sensitive and moody, in which case I can happily stay away forever. Just kidding; stop crying.

That is my huge news. I move February 1. Anyone want to buy my bed?


Blogger SharmandHammer said...

That is great, congratulations LatoDavo! Shouldn't you add gas station loitering as another thing you will do in Santa Fe? I think so. I are a frozen snickers at this really fancy gas station by my apartment the other day. I cost almost $2 but it was worth it.

While watching a bunch of cover bands last night I had two epiphanies.

1) Christopher Guest should make a movie about the world of cover bands. There is so much fascinating material- from the way that they all know each other and travel together to the detail that they put into recreating the sound and look of someone else.

2) I have long been fascinated by the short shorts that sorority girls wear. You know, those ones made out of velour, are usually pink, and say something like 'Juicy' or 'UCLA' or 'HOTT' in big letters on the butt. Why do girls have a monopoly on terribly slutty fashion? I am going to go into business making short short cutoff jeans (ala Tobias Funke) with catchy/sexy slogans written across the tush.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous grumble said...

NM is happy to hear that you're coming! Check out Duke City Fix (dukecityfix.com) when you get out here. It'll give you an idea of what's going on in Albuquerque when Santa Fe gets boring!

10:51 AM  

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