Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's a family affair

My mom once said that if you don't have a nap, you don't have anything. I guess I don't have anything. That's not true. I have new gray Converse and you cannot make me take them off!

I accompanied my roommate last night when she went to look at an apartment in Williamsburg. I spent the 25 minutes we were there trying to figure out if the current tenant was wearing a wig. Since she did have functioning eyes, she probably caught me staring. The hair was a little high on her head to be real hair, but it was sort of messy and had an uneven part.

When we left the apartment, before I could even voice my question, Katrina said, "No, that was not her real hair." She had seen other wigs on her dresser.

Awesome. Speaking of awesome, is there anything better than Billy Bragg and Wilco singing a Woody Guthrie song (or a lot of them)? No, there is not.


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