Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That's Right

Hi, my name is Leighton and I just got into the office an hour early to clean out my inbox before the week begins. It helped that I was in and out of sleep all night and therefore felt restless this morning and sort of eager to get into the shower, but I made up my mind to come in early even before I had a terrible night of sleep. I think my night of bad sleep was due to the fact that I slept until 1:30pm yesterday, but it also could have been something in my egg sandwich, or my pre-bed dance party (which neither of my roommates joined, but rather sat there and said things like, "You are going to make things on the shelves fall over.")

Anyway, I digress. I am here at the office, and I just deleted/skimmed 108 emails, one quarter of the amount that I was expecting to find this morning. We are off to a good start.

Before I get fully entrenched with work, I have one more thought about vacation. IKEA is hands down the greatest place for a friend date. When you are thinking, "where can I go to catch up with an old friend, try out couches, buy Swedish meatballs for my family and eat a hot dog?" IKEA. That is the answer. I will sit on this corduroy couch and tell you about my life, and then we will eat hot dogs and you can tell me about yours. Near perfect.

On the way out of IKEA, there was a little boy in the cart in front of me. He said," I am four. I used to be three, but now I am four and then I will be five and then six and then seven." What made it even cuter was his inability to pronounce the letter R. I wanted to hang out with him but I am not four and he already had a stuffed tiger to keep him company, so I just purchased my Swedish meatballs and went on my way.


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