Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's been a big week for all of us here at NBC

Last Thursday, I went with my friend Tamara to her office party. Before you attempt to picture it, I should mention that she is a production assistant on the set of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, so your mental image must include Vincent D' Onofrio. That's right- I went to the Law and Order: Criminal Intent 100th Episode Party. In case I showed up to the party unaware of what we were celebrating, there was an ice sculpture and a large cake in the shape of a police badge that both made it very clear that the show was Law and Order: Criminal Intent and the occasion was the making of the 100th episode.

What I really appreciated about this event was that if you stripped away the great location (Chelsea Piers), the celebrities, the tasty and abundant food, and the open bar, you were still at an office party. Office parties are awkward by definition. Like I have said before, coworkers have four things to talk about: 1) projects from work 2)whether or not someone from work has attended the party 3) what you did for the previous holiday or what you will do for the upcoming holiday and 4) where you are from. That is it. I respect people who try to venture beyond that, but I do not envy them. Even though these were not my coworkers, I stuck with the standard four.

By the way, I do not like baths. I feel dirtier after I take a bath than before, and I resent the fact that you, the American public, tell me that I should enjoy them.


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