Thursday, January 12, 2006

I have a project due in 27 minutes

Valuable lessons learned today (in order of when they were learned):

1) Turning off your alarm is not the same thing as hitting snooze
2) Motivation tends to lag when you only have four days left at a job
3) Checking your email compulsively does not actually create new emails in your inbox
4) Pretending that a Thursday is a Casual Friday is not okay with everyone
5) Duck sauce, no matter how much confidence you have in it, does not fix everything


Blogger fabulous babe said...

i totally agree and have experienced most of these phenoms myself (i still confuse turning off my alarm with snooze and i think most days are casual fridays - no one bothers to mention it to me at work but they do look at me funny). except for the duck sauce part. not sure about that one.

3:15 PM  
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