Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It is difficult to find a gas station in Manhattan, but it is not impossible. It is easier to find one in Queens. I have been trying to talk a friend of mine into loitering at a gas station with me, and not only has he not agreed, he has not even addressed the fact that I have extended the invitation. So, that's enough. The friendship is officially called off and I am now extending this offer to the general public. By the general public, I mean the four people who read my blog. If anyone would like to loiter at a gas station, I am imagining an hour or so of sitting on the curb, eating Snickers ice cream bars and microwavable burritos and drinking beer out of a brown paper bag. We'll look tough and make up stories about the people coming to get gas.

Think it over and let me know.

Attached above please find a picture of me loitering at Owl's Liquors in Santa Fe. I would have liked to stay longer than the 20 seconds it took to take the picture, but it's not in a safe neighborhood.


Blogger pat said...

i'm down. the hard part will be me stowing away in an airplane's landing gear for the flight.

6:12 PM  
Blogger fabulous babe said...

i am so down with loitering at a gas station but only if you agree to some philandering in the countryside. fair trade, fair trade.

seriously, when do we start?

9:04 AM  

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