Thursday, July 29, 2004

Operation Save My Sanity

today i launched day 1 of operation save my sanity. living at home has turned emotional stability into a luxury. maybe it is the nine people in my house right now. maybe it is the fact that i cannot escape the nine people because my "room" is actually a futon on my parent's bedroom floor. i wish i could pinpoint the person or scenario that is pushing me over the line dividing sanity from insanity, but it is just the general atmosphere. it's the finding that someone took the quilt off of my makeshift bed to take on a roadtrip, and now has started storing their CDs and shoes in the one closet i can call partially mine. it's the telling me that we're leaving for vacation on a certain day and then moving it up a day. it's the waking up to someone telling me that i might need to give my futon to someone else because we have guests coming to town.

i went to starbucks tonight for an hour and a half of peace. i read, and wrote, and listened to music. now i am home, and i can't get ready for bed because my parents are talking.

going crazy.




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