Tuesday, July 27, 2004

tuesday, tuesday

for those of you who did not know, i have a fish named gil. he is a fancy goldfish, orange and black, who has more than doubled in size in the last few months. he quickly outgrew two bowls, so my sister and brother-in-law moved him into a five gallon Sparkletts bottle, complete with plants and shells (one of which he got stuck under one time.) as he continued to grow, and as i am moving soon, i decided to move him to a pond in a nice neighborhood in san juan capistrano.  my brother dropped him off for me since he works at the house with the pond, and he was at first worried about how gil would adjust, seeing as how the pond is full of large fish. but gil, being the champ that he is, quickly made friends and was seen swimming circles around his large companions.

this brings us to today, when my brother came home and told me as gently as possible that a large blue heron that hangs around the pond ate gil yesterday. i told the story of gil in present tense so as not to give away the awful ending. those of you who knew gil knew how obsessed i was with him. i even have a picture of him in my wallet. i almost started crying when michael told me the news, although the grief was tempered with the mental reminder that he is a fish. a damn good fish.

good morning gil. i said, good morning gil. tear.



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