Friday, July 09, 2004

let us all stand up and fight

today i made huge progess in what i like to call "operation avoid office ass." i not only avoided fast food, but i avoided eating fast food in my car, which is one of the leading causes of office ass. office ass occurs when you look nice sitting at a desk, but you stand up and bring your chair with you because your ass has grown to fill it in. one of office ass's greatest strategies is reminding you how easy it is to just roll over to the file cabinet instead of actually standing up and walking. i too have fallen prey to this tactic.


Blogger durban said...

that is way too funny. it reminds me of that beer commercial where the dude's girlfriend and her mom are coming over to meet him, and his friend tells him to get a good look at the mom, because that's what his girlfriend will look like in 15 years. the gf and mom get to the dude's apartment, he peeks through the eyehole and sees that the mom's face doesn't look half bad, breathes a sigh of relief, then opens the door only to see a case of office ass in its most advanced state.

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