Monday, July 26, 2004

maybe my honesty will make this world a better place

alright, it is confession time. i know that what i am about to say may lose me my only reader, but it has to be said. this weekend i watched four movies: win a date with tad hamilton, dirty dancing havana nights (which i watched twice), and the cinderella story.  i think that each of these has something special to be embarrassed about. first, win a date with tad hamilton. the embarrassing thing? i enjoyed it. in my defense, erin and carrie liked it too.  ryan, i am pretty sure our friendship just came to a screeching halt.  carrie and i went to the video store together, and did not even hear when the movies were due back because we were so mortified that the Blockbuster employee was actually saying the movie titles out loud. it was completely unnecessary. maybe next time, he could just pick them up and say, "this one is due back on tuesday." please. there was no way i could turn around to the rest of the line and use my fool proof defense of, "my little sister would love this one." something like, "i'll make sure that my little sister will have these back on time because she is the one who wanted them" would have blown my cover. anyway, the embarrassing thing about dirty dancing is that i watched it twice, along with all of the deleted scenes. finally, i saw cinderella story in the theatres. hillary duff is not a good actress. there, i said it. but boy is she lovable.
while i am on this honesty spree, a few summers ago i saw the princess diaries in the theatres twice, and i saw center stage three times in the theatres. and i watched the entire second season of felicity on dvd and the entire first season of gilmore girls on dvd.


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