Monday, July 05, 2004

the day after our day of independence

i miss my college friends. it is nice to be home, but i miss my college friends.
in honor of our day of independence, i would like to talk about america, its qualities that i love, and its areas calling for change. americans, myself included, take freedom for granted as if it was sold on every street corner. we can buy anything, listen to anything, talk about anything, pursue any career, disagree with Bush, the list goes on and on. freedom or the lack of freedom in no way impedes our day to day life. there is no thought of having to bring your papers with you to go see your friend in another state. we have rules against any kind of voting intimidation. i do not weave in and out of armored guards when i go to the post office. as a christian, i should never take for granted that i can go to church or talk about God and not have to worry that i will be taken out of my house in the middle of the night and jailed or even killed, like other Christians in other countries do. i am grateful the church is not state run.

time for the "room for improvement" section. american culture should not be defined as a white southern family eating hamburgers and baked beans; if america is the melting pot that it boasts to be, then it is american to be chinese and japanese and african and lebanese and arab. americans should learn other languages, and lose the "if you live in our country then speak our language" mentality that is ignorant and elitist. stop spreading american culture to the rest of the world; i don't want mcdonalds in the jungles of africa. the government is run by a combination of old money and corporate interests, and i don't blame people for not voting, because it really does not seem to do anything. i think america is arrogant, pushy, the queen of double standards, and unfortunately, begging for another country to remind it of its actual size compared to the rest of the world.
back to america's freedoms, i am grateful to be able to write this and not worry about retribution. this was not the case in maoist china, if anyone wants to discuss chinese political history, email me, i love it.


Blogger they call me the R said...

worry about retribution...and you're right as a christian you can do what you want...other religions might argue that they don't enjoy the same freedom you do--

10:59 AM  
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