Monday, November 05, 2007

Live Music

As I am currently in the process of making major life decisions and facing questions about where I would like to live and what I would like to do, some other self-realizations have surfaced, such as my love for Camry's and Sprite. Although these things do not help my popularity, I have found that few people are actually offended when I explain the subtle sex appeal of the Camry Hybrid or when I order a Sprite, and just a Sprite, at a bar. However, there are going to be some hurt feelings when I start admitting that I strongly dislike live music, especially when it is played by someone I know. I have suspected this dislike for a while, but had not taken the time to figure out why until recently confronted. Here is what I came up with:

My Aversion to Live Music: An Explanation and a Few Qualifications

I will begin with the qualifications. First, I love music. These days, I especially prefer Baroque music, Paul Simon, and hip-hop, although I have yet to choose a side on the East Coast-West Coast hip-hop/rap feud. (I am leaning towards the East Coast.) Second, I enjoy the performance of some Classical music, especially chamber music. I have found that the calm of the situation helps me to think clearly, and I generally get some good writing done after a concert.

That being said, I do not like going to concerts or performances of rock, alternative, hip-hop, folk, or electronic music. Supposedly, live music is meant for socializing. However, it is too loud for any conversation to occur, meaning that I have to socialize by drinking a beer and collectively bobbing. The value is placed on looking relaxed, even though I am expected to stand the entire time. I would be more relaxed if I was at a job interview- at least I could use my words. And wear a suit.

If the music is being played by someone I know, the pressure to enjoy myself intensifies, and I cannot explain afterwards that the reason I did not have a good time is because I do not like live music. I have to find something to compliment, as if I'm not drained from trying to look happy and fun when they caught my eye mid-concert.

Even when seeing musicians I enjoy like Van Morrison or Coldplay, I spend the entire time trying to guess how many songs they will play (8? 12? God forbid two encores?)

I see no other option than to institute a temporary, but firm, no-live-music policy. However, I am open to negotiations. I recently rewrote a former policy that mandated solitary museum visits, and have since visited three museums with other people.


Blogger HungryGirl13 said...

You make me laugh, I love it. But I do understand your discomfort with live music. I can't go to concerts all the time. I find myself enjoying music most when I am in my car, guess it's a good think I live in LA.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree completely. My only exception is for stuff like Jazz Fest where you can eat, drink, sit, read, shop, or whatever you like in between or while listening to the live music. Very relaxing.

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