Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Day of days

today, i am sitting waiting for the train that goes from hamilton to penn station in manhattan. i wait for about twenty minutes, and right as the train pulls up, i look at my week ticket and realize that it has expired the day before. i run to the ticket window, hand him my credit card, wait while the computer processes, processes, and processes a little more, then i scribble a signature, grab my ticket, and run out of the waiting room right as the door to the train closes. i run to another door, but no, they all close at once, so i wait a half hour for another train. when i get to the city, i get in line for the free bus to IKEA. people start boarding the bus, and the man in charge counts people off. 47,48,49, stop. i am number 50 of course. thankfully, i got on another bus five minutes later, and i had my choice of seats.
we get to IKEA, and i start my shopping expedition with swedish meatballs, because they are amazing and things seem hopeless when i am hungry. then i start to pick out furniture. it took hours. white book shelf? birch bed? medium firm mattress? why i am not getting cell phone service when i need to consult with someone who can tell me what to do. i made all of the decisions on my own, even what comforter cover to buy, and then got in line. checking out was an ordeal because i had the wrong type of shopping cart and zero upper body strength, and end of this part of the story, i sat on a bench crying, eating soft serve, and talking to my mom.
it gets better.
i arrange to have the big pieces delivered to my apartment, but i am carrying two huge bags, a basket, and a comforter. i ride the bus, change to the subway, and then change to the train. my arms are shaking by the time i squeeze between two people on bench. i am supposed to get off at hamilton, where my aunt will be waiting. we get to hamilton, i run down the aisle of the train to grab my packages that i stored above the seats, i try to position them so that i can carry them out the door, but then the little noise sounds, letting me know that the doors have closed and we are now headed for trenton. thankfully, i did not cry again. i called my uncle, who called my aunt, and told her that he would come get me. so i stand in the trenton train station (not the safest place in the world.)it is now dark and cold, and there are about ten minutes where i think i am not getting picked up, and my whole life begins to look very bleak. california suddenly seems very safe and warm. hope is saved; my uncle comes and takes me to the movie theater where i meet my aunt, watch "shall we dance", and eat popcorn and whoppers.
tomorrow i move into my apartment. i am looking forward to being settled.


Blogger they call me the R said...

sorry to hear that Elizabeth was such a bitch to you. I never really liked her anyway.

2:52 PM  
Blogger jon hansen said...

hey leighton, that is quite a story. hey, let me know of any blogger tricks of the trade, i am aspiring. your pal

1:05 AM  

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