Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Cinque giorni a New York

The thing I like about being at my house is that there are parts of everyday life that do not change. Mom is teaching violin when I get home from work. We eat dinner at 7:22. Our dog barks incessantly if she sees another animal on TV. Naps are common, as are late nights. The fruit goes bad quickly, but we always have at least three jars of molasses even though no one in my family has ever tasted it, let alone cooked with it. I know what I can count on. Yet, life is never monotonous due to a few factors:
1) We always have out house guests, and house guests cannot be counted on. Some of our guests wear green underwear. (I know this because our dog once snatched a pair from their laundry and ran around the house showing everyone before returning them.) Other house guests cook dinner at 5pm, as if the 7:22 dinnertime were merely a suggestion. Things seem strange when we do not have house guests, like right now.
2) Due to Davis Car Shortage 2004, rides are always interesting. I do not live the independent lifestyle that goes with having your own car; I am at the mercy of the rest of the family. This means such situations as getting dropped off at work by both of my parents on their way to completing an errand, and getting picked up by my brother on his way home from school. Or this morning, for example, when I spent the night at someone's house, got picked up by my mom, went with her to the gas station where we left the car for an oil change, and walked home. Now we are waiting for the call saying that the car is all ready, so that we can walk back, pick it up, and drop me at work. That is why this blog is so long. I am not used to being up at 8:55 with nothing to do. I am clean and fed; personal morning work completed. Once I am at work, I can begin corporate morning work (i.e. filing, typing proposals, ordering fax cartridges.)

I will probably never have these times again, although my dad said that if I want to live at home for a few decades, I am welcome. The kind invitation makes moving anywhere easier, even if I fear for my mental state if I were to continue living this life of reversion, where I have suddenly become 14 again. I have even been reading books that have a reading level of 6.


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I think you should point out that the piece of green underwear was actually a thong.

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