Friday, October 08, 2004

New York, at last

So I moved to New York. While I am technically staying with family right now in New Jersey, I do spend my days in Manhattan, with the exception of today when I went to the Bronx for awhile, and yesterday and the day before when I stayed in New Jersey. I expect to be spending time in Manhattan very soon, as I start work in ten days.
First impression: love this city.
Second impression: love the city minus Canal Street and parts of Chelsea.
Third impression: Penn Station/Madison Square Garden is an eyesore.
Fourth impresison: love this city.


Blogger they call me the R said...

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Blogger they call me the R said...


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Blogger meighmeigh said...

heard the fam's cat bit you on the nose, which is very funny. Both members of my family are snoring right now, don't know how to deal with this. So you've got ten days to kill, you should really spend some time in the southwest; it is beautiful. Back to reality, I as a meighmeigh beaming with pride for your intrepid journey to the center of the known world. I think you will find, as chas tenenbaum did, that you have an almost preternatural gift for finance.

10:55 PM  

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