Monday, June 28, 2004

day one- my blog is created

well this is very exciting, isn't it. the first day of my blog. i hope that forcing myself to write will keep me alive as i plunge into the 9 to 5, a world i hope does not become the 8 to 8, how will i tell my boss no?

i graduated last week from ucla. i am running on very little sleep, and the adrenaline keeping my alive has started to wear off as i have to begin packing and say good-bye to good friends and the academic life that has kept me so safe and so happy and so paniced. i expect that next year i will forget that school ever made me paniced, and i will completely romanticize it, picturing myself with hours and hours of free time, time that actually went to worrying about what needed to be done next for school.

tomorrow i move home, but as i do not have a bedroom there any longer, i am moving temporarily into a closet, a little place i like to call the womb because there is no outlet for me to plug in an alarm clock, and my family forgets about me and i sleep in complete darkness until late in the afternoon, when i stagger downstairs and plan the final three hours of my day.

welcome to my life, please stop for a while.


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